Eyes Front-"Tied to the Tracks"

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Eyes Front-"Tied to the Tracks"

Long awaited debut EP from Edmonton, Alberta's finest! Hailing from the Wildrose hardcore scene, Eyes Front is here to deliver some serious hardcore in your life. If you did not know, Eyes Front appeared on Mangoe Records TRUE first EVER release, a comp titled "YNG FKZS". Its our true pleasure to be releasing this for the fam.

Able to meld sounds from 90s hardcore and todays hard and brutal scene---Eyes Front deliver something unique and refreshing with their own blend of these sounds. You will never feel like you heard the same song twice. A true testament to a band you will be hearing about for some time

These 7" beauties are very limited! Regular cover folds out for full length art. Info below


100-Oiler Orange (15 with ALT Cover over the Regular)
5 Test Presses